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According to the Connecting Diaspora For Development campaign, the population of Ghanaians living in the diaspora is three million. Ghanaians are living in almost every part of the world with the U.S and countries in Europe, having the majority of Ghanaian immigrants. The Dutch Central Statistics agency alone recorded about twenty-three thousand one hundred and sixty-eight (23,168) immigrants in 2016. The US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for 2015 to 2019 also recorded an estimated number of one hundred and seventy-eight thousand, four hundred (178,400) Ghanaian immigrants.

While many of these diasporans visit the motherland during the summer and winter holidays to enjoy their vacations and reconnect with the Ghanaian family, there are still a lot of Ghanaians out there who have never stepped foot in Ghana after their departure. 

Come visit. Ghana will forever be your homeland! 

In our previous post, we reviewed many exciting events to attend during the Christmas holidays in Ghana. As part of our campaign, we interviewed a diasporan who spent the Christmas holidays in Ghana. Keep reading to find out what her experience was.

An Interview with Rachel Hayford, a young Ghanaian Dutch woman who visited Ghana during the Christmas holidays with her family.

Ama: Hello, my name is Angela Ama Appiah, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for accepting to do this interview with our team, we’re delighted! Please introduce yourself.

Rachel: Hello Ama, nice to meet you too. I am Rachel Nyarko and I am 23 years old. In the ’90s my parents migrated to the Netherlands, and they’ve been living there since. I was born in Amsterdam so I am half Dutch and half Ghanaian.

Ama: That’s great. I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Dutch but I never got the opportunity (laughs). So tell us, when did you come to Ghana?

Rachel: Oh in December, my family and I decided to come to Ghana to celebrate our Christmas. It had been a while since we visited.

Ama: That’s good, so which places did you go to?

Rachel: Okay we were in Accra throughout the vacation so I attended a lot of events in Accra like the music festival called Afrochella. I also visited a lot of nightclubs and resorts, and some tourist sites.

Ama: Great. That must have been fun. Tell us what the experience was like for you. What was your favorite event?

Rachel: (Laughs) I can’t say which one was my favourite, I liked all the places I visited, I really have no preferences. I had a good experience. The festivals were well organized and the atmosphere was really great everywhere. It felt good.

Ama: That’s beautiful. Do you plan on re-visiting?

Rachel: It’s hard leaving Ghana. I had a good time and the experience makes me want to visit Ghana more often. 

Ama: Very well. Any word for folks in the diaspora who are reading this?

Rachel: (laughs) I don’t have much to say. I think everyone out there should come and visit Ghana every once in a while. This is your home.

Ama: Thank you, Rachel, this has been exciting.

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