Thinking of visiting Ghana for the first time? Planning a historical tour? Want to know more about this thriving West African country? We’re here to feed your curiosity! Just stay tuned to our blog posts which will feature exciting information about Ghana. For starters, these are our top 4 places you absolutely need to visit!

ADA FOAH Greater Accra Region

Ada is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Ghana where the Volta river meets the Atlantic ocean. It has amazing resorts, estuaries, and the historical remains of Fort Kongenstein which was built by Danish merchants in the 18th century. 


ABURI GARDENS Eastern Region

Aburi is notorious for its wonderful mountainous weather and spirit of adventure. The botanical gardens have scenic views of rare trees and flowers. which have powerful spiritual and aesthetic significance. 

KWAHU Eastern Region 

Kwahu is often referred to as the National Fortress because of its position as the highest habitable elevation in the country. It has many beautiful mountains and caves which serve as the hub for different exciting activities like paragliding, ziplining and many more.



Keta is one of the most serene places in Ghana. It has beautiful indigenous buildings made from wood and palm on the surface of the Keta lagoon. It has many historical sites including Fort Prinzenstein which was built by the Danes.

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