As at the 17th of March, 7 cases were officially reported by authorities with all being imported cases of a mix of both nationals and foreigners who have spent time in one of the already affected countries.

In an attempt to control the spread and contain the virus, the government swiftly did and continues to put in measures to ensure this beautiful country isn’t brought to a complete stand still. Among some of the interventions; which are quite similar from what has been happening in other places include the suspension of school activities, crowded social gatherings , awareness creation from both government and social agencies, and many others.

A few sporadic panic buying, price hiking of selected products (e.g Hand Sanitizers) and stockpiling has been observed , but not at an alarming rate. The public is being educated on that as well. Ministerial and top government meetings are being held to assess the economic impact of the presence of the virus and the restrictions that have been enforced by the government.

Hope is still very much alive, everyone is getting involved in fighting the problem and it is the believe Ghana and the world will soon become safer once again for all travel fanatics , especially those planning a visit to Ghana soon.

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