5 traditional Ghanaian meals you should try.

One of the best ways to experience the culture of a people is through their traditional meals. This is because the beliefs and values of a people often translate into their art of cooking. Rich as its culture and natural resources, Ghanaian meals have a blend of carbohydrates, oils, proteins and all the other nutrients your body needs. If you want to have a full experience of Ghana, make it a point to try some of our traditional meals.

You can even admire the cultural beauty of the motherland through the names of our meals. Banku, Kokonte, Fufu, Waakye, Ampesi, Oto, Tuo zaafi, Yaka yaka, Akyeke, Aprapransa, Kenkey, Kpekpoi etc. These traditional meals also come with a myriad of accompaniments and desserts including Asana, Sobolo, Lamugin, Brukina among others. Of course, trying something new can be difficult because of uncertainty. That is why we have prepared a list of 5 traditional Ghanaian meals you should try.

1. Banku

This is a starchy food (energy provider) common in all parts of Ghana. You can make banku by mixing fermented maize dough with cassava dough and adding some salt to taste. You can serve banku with any type of protein: fried, boiled or grilled. Including fried fish (tilapia, herrings or sardines). You can also serve banku with different main meals including fish or meat soup, okra stew or even some simple ground peppers and shito. Okro stew is best with a variety of fishes, meat (especially beef and wele), some crabs and shrimps. It is best eaten hot.

2. Ampesi

This is another traditional Ghanaian meal common among the Akans. You can prepare Ampesi with yam, cassava, plantain (ripe or unripe) or cocoyam. It goes best with grounded paste containing peppers, tomatoes, onions, groundnuts, shrimp, fish powder, some palm oil and salt. It is delicious and nutritious. Accompaniments for this meal include avocado, boiled eggs and smoked tilapia.

3. Apapransa

This meal is a mixture of corn flour and palm nut soup. You can serve it with roasted groundnut or cooked red beans with large crabs as the main accompaniment. It is tasty and satisfying.

4. Waakye

This meal which originated from the Hausas is popular throughout Ghana. The main ingredients to prepare this are rice, dried leaves of millet and beans. It can be eaten with any variety of stew or sauce and customized to your preference.

5. Fufu

This is one of the most popular traditional Ghanaian meals which originated from the Akans. You can prepare it with boiled yam or cassava together with unripe plantain. Because of how strenuous it can be to prepare fufu, it is best done with a partner. You can enjoy fufu with soup or stew (depending on)

Try all our traditional Ghanaian meals with Sobolo

Sobolo is a healthy Ghanaian drink made from hibiscus (zobo) petals, varied Ghanaian spices, sugar (or any sweetener) and pineapples. To have an authentic Ghanaian taste, brew everything together and serve it chilled. Sobolo is very healthy and you can serve it at all occasions. If you’re on a weight loss journey, Sobolo is the right choice.

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