Owning properties like land is more of a necessity than a luxury. Purchasing Land is an important decision which requires adequate planning and research. You can avoid phases of regret or dissatisfaction by spending ample time to map out some important details about the land you want to acquire. We’ve put together a few tips to guide you!

Consider the purpose or usage of the land

Knowing exactly what you need the land for or at least having a fair idea, will help you to make the right choice. For instance, you need to determine whether the land will be used for cultivating crops, raising livestock, starting a business or building a home.

Consider the geographical Location. 

After deciding what you’ll be using the land for, you need to consider which area will best suit the purpose. For instance, if you want to use your land for commercial purposes, you’ll need to find land in a populous area where you can have people to patronize your goods or services. In the same way, If you want land to cultivate crops, you’ll have to consider purchasing fertile land in an area with a conducive climate, and access to clean water for irrigation

Consider your budget

Buying land requires a considerable level of financial commitment. Having a budget will help you prepare ahead of time and give you the chance to properly manage your resources. You can decide to take a low interest loan or save towards acquiring the land. You don’t want to get yourself tangled in debt because you decided to be a landowner!

Buy from the Legal owner(s).

In Ghana, lands are fundamentally owned by the government, chiefs and indigenous families. For the purpose of the land, you’ll need to decide whether to buy from the indigenous families of the area, a Chief, or the government. It is advised to avoid buying government owned lands because of the legal conflicts that could occur in cases where the original owners of the land were not adequately compensated by the government. When buying a family owned land, make sure to speak to the head(s) of the family and not just any family member. Avoid land disputes!

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