Big-time Expressions of Art

Turning the City of Accra into a Large Art Canvas The young and increasingly creative citizens of the city of Accra are making some amazing contributions to the beautification process of the city. Their passion and confidence has grown bigger…

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The Black-Star & COVID-19

GHANA’S ACCOUNT As at the 17th of March, 7 cases were officially reported by authorities with all being imported cases of a mix of both nationals and foreigners who have spent time in one of the already affected countries. In…

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Celebrating Our Gains in the Garden City

Ghana at 63 Celebrations. March marks an extremely important month in the rich history of Ghana. The beacon of Africa and the gateway to West-Africa celebrated its 63rd Independence celebrations this year with an intriguing theme – ‘Celebrating our Gains’.…

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Dreams of a Youthful Ghana

Ghana’s population is largely youthful with a vibrant cultural and creative landscape. Music, art and commerce is largely the biggest passions of the young, with the increasing mobile and internet penetration allowing them to move all these to a whole…

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Uniquely Amazing Accra

Accra the capital city , and seat of government has the vibes of a typical African city and the touch of global identity.   With a perfect mix of colonial architecture and the modern high-rise buildings housing both generations of families…

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